Beat emotional eating,
transform your relationship with food,
and lose weight. 

In that order.

Is this you?

  • Stress eating or emotional eating has derailed your nutrition in the past. 
  • You’re busy. You’ve got a lot of responsibilities in your career, family, and community, and diets just don’t fit for very long.
  • You’ve done well on diets in the past, but you eventually get derailed. It’s a cycle of motivation and restriction followed by overwhelm and overeating.
  • You’re so tired of thinking about food and your body all of the time.
  • You’ve read about how your relationship with food matters, or that you need to work on the underlying psychology, but no one has ever given you a system to do that.

You’ve been let down a lot.

Look, it’s not just you, diets are stupid and they never actually handle any of the issues above. Even the good “habit based programs” that are out there, don’t have effective solutions for things like stress eating and emotional eating. 

You’re looking for a program that goes deeper and actually gets at the root of the problem. You want a program that’s evidence based AND has a system where you can develop tools that work in your life.

You've already proven it to yourself -- you don't need someone to give you a magic rule set about what to eat. Because what you eat doesn't matter nearly as much as your relationship to food or your ability to manage stress.

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Rachel Honeyman

Oceanside, NY


I’d let my eating get pretty out of hand for a couple of years, put on a few extra pounds I wasn’t too happy about, and was generally feeling out of control when it came to food. Every time I tried to make a change, it just felt overwhelming and like I’d have to be miserable for X number of months before I could finally see a change.

But working on my eating skills has been a totally different experience. Within 2 weeks I’d completely cut out snacking, just by making a few small adjustments to my meals. And slowing down my eating and being more present in my meals cut my appetite down from NONSTOP OMG I COULD EAT A HORSE AT ANY TIME OF DAY to that of a normal person.

I no longer feel like my appetite and cravings control me, and I’m able to enjoy my food way more. And that’s all without cutting a single food group or type of food from my diet. And yeah, I’ve also lost 5 or 6 pounds, which is super cool. But the changes in my relationship to food and the feeling of taking real steps to align myself with my values have actually been way bigger and more

Behavior Change, Psychology, and Mindset

You’ve probably read about mindfulness, psychology of eating behavior change, and mindset before, but you’ve never been able to use them to make an actual difference in your nutrition.

This combination of group coaching and one-on-one training in emotion skills will change that.

Winner of the Benjamin Franklin
Silver Medal Book Award
for Psychology

My book, Lean & Strong: Eating Skills, Psychology, and Workouts, won the Benjamin Franklin Silver Medal Book Award for Psychology, and was a finalist in the Colorado Book Awards for Non-Fiction.

MSUD Psychology Department's
"Promising Teacher of the Year Award"
as a T.A.

At Metropolitan State University of Denver, I won Promising Teacher of the Year as a teacher's assistant for Statistics and Research Methods in Social and Behavioral Sciences.

What You Get in the
Eating Skills System

Eating Skills uses these five proven steps:

  • Break free of unhelpful food rules with motivation skills
  • Eat the right amount for your body with eating skills
  • Overcome recurring obstacles and mindless snacking with advanced eating skills
  • Beat emotional eating and stress eating, for good, with emotion skills
  • Maintain a great lifelong relationship with food using your full tool kit of eating skills and motivation skills.

How Does Eating Skills Work?

The classic, proven Eating Skills program has 20 lessons that you work through in 30 minutes per week. You can read the lessons or watch short videos.

You’ll check in with the group at the beginning of the week and get coached on your plan. You’ll check in at the end of the week, and get coached on how it went.

The program lives in a private social network that you can access on desktop or by app.

You can ask questions in the group or direct message me as often as you need. I check in and coach five days per week, Monday through Friday.

There are other programs and apps on the internet that offer "one-on-one coaching" where you actually don't get as much access to or interaction with the coach as you will in the Eating Skills classic group program.

I don't pawn you off on other coaches, you have direct access to me and are getting coached by me 100% of the time.

Eating Skills is streamlined so you can spend the minimum amount of time learning and spend most of your time practicing and getting results in your life.


Chocolate chip cookies are the only thing that got me through the first year of raising twins. But it was getting out of control. I tried all the big names in diet companies. But I dreaded those diets because they made me obsess about every single thing I ate. And weighing in constantly was at best short-term motivation, and at worst totally demoralizing.

As I’ve been working on eating skills my anxiety and obsession around food has started to fade. The voice in the back of my head that said “screw it! you’re going to fail anyway” didn’t fit in because I wasn’t depriving myself yet I was still losing weight. Over the holidays, I lost 6 lbs without even realizing it — because these skills have now become a habit.

Since starting, I’ve lost 52 lbs. But that is really the least of it. I’ve gained self-compassion, and confidence in myself and what I am actually able to do with the right tools.

Jenn Wood

QA and Client Support

Liz Maxim

Norfolk, UK


When I started Eating Skills I was already eating three balanced meals a day, lots of fresh fruit and veg etc etc, but I wasn't happy, or comfortable, and I was still craving food and snacking copiously. So something was 'off'.

Throwing the rule book out of the window and listening to my body had some unexpected results. How I eat now is not something I'd ever have chosen before Eating Skills but my body is much more content on it, I have fewer cravings and I have lost a little weight. Do I still emotionally eat?

Definitely, but I know that I'm doing it and often why so I view it as a little piece of comfort rather than a descent in to a full on binge and it doesn't get out of control. That awareness is priceless.

Eating Skills gave me the courage to try, which I would never have had otherwise - and overall I'm pleased with where I've got to. Having battled with food for decades, the ability to ask my body what it wants and get an honest answer is something I never thought would happen.

What results should I expect from Eating Skills?

  • You’ll be able to manage stress and emotions without food
  • You won’t be compelled or hooked by food cravings
  • You’ll break free of diet perfectionism and drama
  • You’ll know how to eat in social situations in a way that both matches your goals and allows you to be connected with people
  • You’ll be able to eat in a way that works for your goals even when you have busy or stressful weeks
  • You’ll make changes to your eating behavior that will stick for the long term
  • Your eating behavior changes will get easier and more natural over time
  • If weight loss is a goal for you, you’ll be able to lose weight without dieting, rules, or tracking

All of that probably sounds too good to be true…

…because the diet world is so unbelievably bad at delivering anything useful.

Here’s the thing, there’s a ton of great research out there on eating behavior change and emotional eating that few people are reading. The people who are reading it aren’t good at synthesizing into a system that you can actually do in real life. They either don’t think like that or they don’t coach people.

The weird thing is, once you start doing this stuff, it’ll all seem fairly obvious. Ironically, it’s a history of dieting that makes it hard to do and hard to see. Once you see it, you’ll have a clear path. It’ll still take a lot of practice, but it’s all there for you.

Rebecca Rashkin

Engineer & Trainer


Eating Skills has provided a means for me to confront the deeper issues behind the behaviors I'm working on changing. It has reframed the way I look at my habits and brought awareness to how my eating patterns are a reflection of what's going on inside.

It's been helpful to make the comparison between eating and physical skills training. For example, it's unsustainable to work out as hard as you can every day and only take rest when you are too exhausted to move. An effective fitness program involves planned active recovery, e.g. taking a walk instead of strength training. Before, I never planned for treats or fully enjoyed them because of the shame I felt from eating something 'unhealthy.' Now I plan for treats the same way I plan for active recovery (every week!) and still practice some of the guidelines (like eating slowly), while taking a short break from others (fasting between meals).

This program has been more difficult than I thought it would be, but like learning a handstand, it's worth every bit of the challenge.


So far I think all the skills and info have been very valuable. Just being conscious of snacking as stress/procrastination has helped me avoid it. Stopping to think about it, and keeping snacks out of arms reach makes the urge manageable.

The plating approach has helped with meal planning/prep, as well as what I order when I eat out. Previously veggies and fruit were in the 1/4 of the plate, if at all. Swapping the proportions has helped me stay fuller between meals, which has reduced the temptation to snack.

Larry Franks


About Me,
Josh Hillis

You might be asking, who is this Josh dude?

  • I'm a certified nutrition coach and behavior change specialist through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. For 10 years I also wrote and fact checked questions for NASM's certification exams.
  • I've written two books: Fat Loss Happens on Monday (2013) has over 450 five-star reviews on Amazon, Lean & Strong: Eating Skills, Psychology, and Workouts (2020) has over 120 five-star reviews on Amazon. Lean & Strong won the Benjamin Franklin Silver Medal Book Award for Psychology.
  • I've been coaching since 2004.
  • I study psychology at Metropolitan State University of Denver, where I won the psychology department's "Promising Teacher of the Year" as a T.A.
  • I've led workshops and have spoken at conferences about eating skills in New York, Illinois, Minnesota, Michigan, Connecticut, all over Colorado, and all over California.


What I stand for:

  • Autonomy — I’m the expert on eating skills and you are the expert on you. I’ll give you evidence-based options, and you get to say which direction we go. Your values. Your goals. This whole process is about matters to you. I’m your guide, but you’re in the driver’s seat.
  • Excellence — Building excellence in skills is a process of practicing, making mistakes, and learning. Mistakes and imperfection in practice, paradoxically, are what makes excellence possible. We’ll repeat that process until you’ve developed the level of mastery in your eating skills and emotion skills that you want. 
  • Compassion — Nurturing compassion is where I meet you where you’re at, where I get how hard this process is, and I’m kind about how hard this is. Fierce compassion is where I hold you to the practice goals that you set and where I tell you where we can improve. I’m kind to you and I’m honest with you.

How can I get started with Eating Skills?

Beating Emotional Eating Fast-Track  combines the classic, proven Eating Skills program with two one-on-one sessions per month with me, to walk you through the skills you're learning. Practicing your skills with a coach will let you master the emotional side of eating literally ten times more quickly than doing it on your own.

Eating Skills + Beating Emotional Eating Fast-Track is a 3-6 month program that’s $495 per month. Since this is a pilot program for a new service, you can save if you’re one of the first 20 people to sign up. For a limited time, you can join Eating Skills for $295 per month.

Eating Skills
Group Coaching

In the last three years, over a thousand clients have used the original, proven Eating Skills group coaching program.

  • Eating Skills group coaching with Monday and Friday check-ins
  • 20-lesson Eating Skills Program
  • Unlimited questions, coaching, and direct messaging
  • Private social network
  • 3x per month zoom live workshops
  • Weekly articles on eating behavior change
  • I (Josh Hillis) do all of the coaching


Eating Skills + Beating Emotional Eating

  • One-on-one emotion skills coaching, twice per month
    (sessions available 12pm-8pm Pacific Time / GMT-8)
  • Eating Skills group coaching with Monday and Friday check-ins
  • 20-lesson Eating Skills Program
  • Unlimited questions, coaching, and direct messaging
  • Private social network
  • 3x per month zoom live workshops
  • Weekly articles on eating behavior change


Waiting list only.

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One-on-One Coaching

I have limited availabilty for weekly one-on-one coaching.

  • Weekly one-on-one zoom or phone coaching sessions.
  • Fully custom eating skills and emotion skills program.

Email to check availability.


Frequently asked questions

What times are the one-on-one sessions available??

12 pm-8 pm Pacific Time, Monday-Friday.
Greenwich Mean Time -8 for international folks.

Is there a specific food plan I have to stick to?

Negatory, good buddy. You get to decide what, when, where, and with whom you want to eat. But you’ll learn a lot about what actually works for you, so over time you’ll find your habits shift to align more with what gets you the results you want.

Will I have to count calories?

Nope. You’ll learn some helpful rules-of-thumb for how to judge portion sizes and such, but you can delete your calorie tracking apps.

Can I do this if I'm intermittent fasting (or gluten free, vegan, paleo, keto, etc.)?

Yeah, the skills you’ll learn can help ease the stress and improve the results of virtually any eating style.

But it’s important to remember that if you want to see changes in your results you need to be prepared to make some changes in your actions. That doesn’t mean vegans need to start eating meat to hit their goals. But Eating Skills might not be the right choice if you’re extremely attached to the choices you’re already making.

Of course, you’ll be able to use the program with any medically necessary dietary restrictions.

Do I have to give up wine and chocolate?

Nah. You may find your relationship to some foods naturally changes as you progress, but there’s nothing you have to give up to succeed.

How much time does this take every week?

For Eating Skills Classic, the course videos and materials only take about 30 minutes a week to learn everything you need. Our one-on-one, Beating-Emotional Eating Fast Track sessions, will be 50 minutes, twice per month.

Then it’s up to you how much time you wanna invest in getting coaching and community support in the app. Some weeks you might not need much, and other weeks you’ll probably be glad they’re there for you.

How long will it take to get results?

This may seem obvious but results are a product of changing your behavior. Anyone can change their behavior for a minute. It takes some work to change it for a year. But if you’re willing to do the work to make meaningful change you’ll start seeing results in the first month. The key is making the behaviors behind those results an effortless part of your life. Depending on your starting point, that might take some time. But I’ll be with you the whole way.

The cool thing about working with me one-on-one with the Beating Emotional Eating Fast Track sessions is that you’ll make progress sooo much faster.

Will I have to buy a bunch of special foods?

Nope. No shakes, powders, supplements, frozen dinners. Nothing. You can get whatever food you want from wherever you want.

Will this help me lose 20 pounds for my reunion next week?

No. This isn’t a weight loss hack that’ll just keep you yo-yoing up and down the scale. This is skill development to improve your relationship with food for the rest of your life, so you can get sustainable results that matter to you.

Will this help me lose fat and gain muscle?

Yes. But this isn’t a “how I put on 30 pounds of muscle in 7 days” sort of program. If you’re ready to make natural, steady progress on your goals, this is a great way to do it.

Is Eating Skills a good fit for me if I have an eating disorder?

Sorry, no.

Eating Skills is for the regular every-day kind of stress eating and emotional eating. It is not designed for and is not a good fit for people with an eating disorder. 

Are there any contracts or commitments?

No way! Contracts suck! You'll have access to your membership and can cancel with one click, any time you like. I want you to stick around because it's useful to you, not because you have to.

That being said, you probably want to make a commitment to yourself to practice Eating Skills for a few months.

Whether you’re trying to lose weight or build muscle, eat for an Ironman or reboot your office diet… Eating Skills will teach you to make effortless progress on the nutrition goals that matter to you.

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